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This Privacy Policy specifies the terms and conditions of storing data and accessing the information on the User's devices with the use of the cookie files. This allows the service to properly provide electronic services for the User by the company Bazyli Kubacki headquartered in Szczecin (post code 70-130), ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 53/55.

I. Definitions

1. Administrator - this means Bazyli Kubacki who transacts business under the trading name of Bazyli Kubacki (business address: ul.  Powstańców Wielkopolskich 53/55, 70-130 Szczecin) and registered in the Central Register and Information on Business (CEIDG) of the Republic of Poland, held by the minister relevant for economy, NIP (tax identification number): 9552183196, REGON (statistical number): 321499962, who provides the services electronically and stores and accesses information in the User's devices.

2. Cookies - computer data, in particular small text files, which are saved and stored in the User's devices and allow the User to use the website of the online service.

3. Administrator's cookies - the cookies placed by the Administrator, in connection with the provision of electronic services by the Administrator via the Website.

4. External cookies - cookies placed by the Administrator's partners via the Website.

5. Website - the online website or an internet application run by the Administrator and active in the domain.

6. Device - any electronic device used by the User to get access to the Website.

7. User - the entity to which, under the Terms and Conditions and provisions of the law, electronic services may be provided, or who can enter into a Contract for electronic services.

II. Types of Cookies used

1. The Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the User's Device. This way in particular, it is not possible for any viruses or unwanted software or malware to be transferred into the User's Device. These files allow the online service to properly identify the software used by the User and adapt the service to each individual User. Cookies usually contain information about their source domain, how long they are stored on the Device and an assigned value.

2. Administrator uses two types of cookie files:

a. Session cookies: these are stored on the User's device and remain there until the user ends the session of the browser.  The information stored during that time are then permanently removed from the Device.  The mechanism of the session cookies does not allow for any personal data or confidential information stored on the User's Device to be accessed or transferred.

b. Permanent cookies: these are saved in the User's Device and remain there until they are deleted. Ending the browser session or turning the device off does not result in removing these cookies from the User's Device.  The mechanism of the permanent session cookies does not allow for any personal data or confidential information stored on the User's Device to be accessed or transferred.

3. The User has the possibility of limiting or disabling the access of the cookies to their Device.  In such a case, it will still be possible to use the Online Service apart from the functions which, by their nature, require the cookie files.

III. Purpose of cookie usage

1. The Administrator uses the Own Cookies for the purposes stated below:

a. Configuration of the Online Service

• adapting the content of the web pages of the Online Service to the User's preferences and for streamlining the functioning of the webpages of the Service;
• recognizing the User's Device and its location and displaying the website in a proper way, suited to the individual User's needs;
• retaining the settings required by the User and customization of the User's interface, e.g. with regard to language or region of the User;
• retaining the history of visited pages of the Online Service in order to recommend more content;
• size of the fonts and looks of the webpages etc.

b. Authentication of the User in the Service and maintaining the session in the Service
• maintaining the User's session (after logging in), thanks to which it is not necessary to enter login and password again and again;
• proper configuration of the selected functions of the Service, enabling the verification of authenticity of the browsing session;
• streamlining and improving the performance of the services provided by the Administrator.

c. Carrying out the processes necessary for the full functionality of the website
• adapting the content of the webpages of the Online Service to the User's preferences and for the streamlining of the usage of the webpages by the User. In particular, these files allow for the basic parameters of the User's Device to be properly identified and for the webpage to be appropriately displayed, adapting to the User's individual needs;
• proper handling of the partner program which allows for the verification of the transfers of the Users to the webpages of the Online Service.

d. Retaining the information about the location of the User
• proper configuration of the selected functions of the Online Service, in particular making it possible to adapt the offered content to the User's location.

e. Analysis and research and viewability auditing 
• generating anonymous statistics which help understand how the Users of the Online Service use its webpages and thereby improving their structure and content;

f. Provision of advertising services 
• adapting the ads of third party services and goods displayed in the Online Service;

g. Ensuring security and reliability of the Online Service

2. The Administrator of the service uses the External Cookies for the purposes stated below:

a. Use of the interactive features aimed at promoting the online service using the social media:
• [cookies administered by: Twitter Inc. headquartered in the USA];
• [cookies administered by: Google Inc headquartered in the USA]; 
• [cookies administered by: Facebook Inc. headquartered in the USA or Facebook Ireland headquartered in Ireland].

b. Gathering general and anonymous statistical data using the Google Analytics tools [cookies administered by: Google Inc headquartered in the USA].

c. Serving advertising adapted to the User's preferences via the online advertising tool of Google AdSense [cookies administered by: Google Inc headquartered in the USA]

IV. Setting the conditions of storing cookies and their access  

1. At any time, User may independently change the settings for the cookie files, setting the conditions of storing the cookies and their access to the User's Device. The User can effect these changes altering the preferences of their web browser or by configuring the service. These settings may be changed at any time, in particular, in order to block the automatic way of handling the cookies in the web browser's preferences or to inform about every instance that they are being stored on the User's Device. More details about the ways of handling the cookies are available in the software (web browser) settings.

2. The User may at any time remove the cookie files using the functions available in their selected web browser.

3. Restricting the application of the cookie files may influence some of the functionalities available on the website of the Online Service.


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